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About Andy ParsonsMy name is Andy Parsons. I am lucky enough to have visited numerous different cities, countries and locations and love visiting new places. I have visited all major continents apart from South America and get away to around four different countries a year. I have been backpacking in Australia and New Zealand, now I travel when I can on various city breaks and countries when I get time off from being a web editor.

Originally born in Sheffield, I have lived in London now since 2007 and now call this fine city my home. I enjoy many sports; mainly football and hockey, but also watch tennis, athletics and F1. Photography is a major passion of mine and I take my Nikon to every foreign shore I visit. I try to get to the cinema as much as I can – but I also enjoy watching groundbreaking TV series’ such as Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones and Homeland.

This website is a portfolio of work for my journalism course at Birkbeck University. Last year, I gained a distinction in a web design and development course and I hope to be able to get my Masters within a year. I am a former journalist, specialising in sports, I want to use this website to talk about another passion in travel – looking at the major issues in the industry while also getting comments from experts about a number of different subjects.

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About Travelling Times

Travelling Times is a travel blog with a difference. Many travel blogs are written from the eye of the beholder who venture from country to country, documenting everything along the way. There’s nothing wrong with these sites at all, many in fact are the inspiration for this site. But Travelling Times is about promoting areas which you wouldn’t think of usually. We do this by talking to experts who have been there or those who have an invested interest in the destinations featured to describe them in more detail. On this site, you won’t find articles about the best bars in New York, or describing what a beautiful city Barcelona is. You will find expert advice on areas off the beaten track which are just waiting to be explored. If there are areas which you want to know about, drop us a line via our contact form on the home page and we will investigate further for you!

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